Do you allow pets?


Do you have an application fee?

Yes, to cover the cost of your credit and background check. Please reference our online application for more information.

What is the application process?

In order to be considered for an apartment, you must fill out our online application which includes a background and credit check for a non-refundable fee. Upon completion, your application will be reviewed and either approved or denied. If we do not have any available units, we can add you to our waitlist.

Who needs an application?

All applicants and prospective occupants 18 years of age and older need to complete an application.

What are the application qualification requirements?

Income, Credit, and Rental History Requirements

Applicants must have an acceptable income and credit history. Acceptable credit history is based on several credit reporting factors and is not solely based on the applicant’s credit score. Applicants with negative previous rental history, including but not limited to: repeat lease violations, payment history, or an unpaid balance may be denied or an additional security deposit may be required. Third-party consumer credit reporting agencies are used to verify applicants’ identity, credit, and criminal history.

Is there a criminal background check?

All applicants and prospective occupants 18 years of age and older must submit an application for a criminal background check to verify criminal history. The application or initial occupancy of any person may be denied at any time based on a history of particular criminal convictions or deferred adjudication.

What lease terms do you offer?

We only offer 1 year lease terms.

What is required upon signing a lease to secure an apartment?

1st months rent, security deposit equivalent to 1st months rent, and signing of lease and documents.

Is renters insurance required?

Yes, we require proof within 5 days of moving in.

If I break my lease, what happens?

Tenants can break their lease and move out early, however this will result in an automatic forfeiture of their security deposit and paying of rent through your lease term unless we are able to re-rent your unit prior to the end of your contract.

What is included in rent?

Please reference amenities on a specific location page.

Do you allow subleasing?


If I have a guest, how long can they stay?

Maximum 1 week per your lease agreement.

Can I pay my rent online?

Yes you can! You can pay rent online through our Resident Account by logging into your secure portal. You can download the app to your phone as well via this link.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.